Letter from the Founders

Thank you for your interest in Soil to Sun. To us, Soil to Sun is more than a business; it is an opportunity to truly help. As citizens in our communities and new parents we feel a strong responsibility to better our lives, our family's lives and the future for those around us whenever possible. Becoming a customer of Soil to Sun provides you the opportunity to have a real impact on the environment not only locally, but nationally and beyond.

Chris and Clint

Why Use Soil to Sun?

Soil to Sun delivers sustainable solutions for new/existing residential and commercial buildings. Our core business is founded and centered on energy conservation through educating consumers via our energy auditing services. We began servicing Central Illinois in late 2008 with a team of certified technicians. We facilitate and manage analysis, execution and certification for our clientele. We are devoted to the successful end result of each and every project. Our consultation focuses on strategies that produce an effective return on investment through; tangible dollar savings, marketability, improved quality of life, and improved environmental performance.

Our Company

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