Finding the Value in a Franchise Opportunity

Franchise opportunities offer many benefits to an entrepreneur. The key to choosing the right franchise for you depends on understanding the value of what you will be getting in return for your investment.


The Brand. A brand is a promise of quality and value. The right franchisor for you will have a well-conceived brand that is instantly recognizable and a clear plan for promoting it. You will become part of an existing company with a great reputation and a proven model for success.


The Product. You do not have to come up with “the next big thing.” Your franchisor has already done that for you, developing the product from idea to market. You have the benefit of adopting an existing product that has already been market-tested with real world customers. The hard work has already been done, and you will know there is a market for your product.


The Training. Even if you have no experience in the industry, the right franchisor will provide training with ongoing support. Your training will be tailored to your needs and will include hands-on experience. You will begin your journey with the knowledge and confidence that you will need to take charge of your new business. From technical support to marketing, the training you receive will be instrumental in the success of your business.


The Plan. Your franchisor will provide a tried and true business plan with all processes and procedures you will need to jumpstart and operate your business. The plan will include all the legal, financial, operational, and marketing information that will ensure your success. You will receive a written set of manuals detailing the plan for future reference to help you make the right decisions every step of the way.


The Support. When you have questions, you need answers. Your franchisor will provide ongoing support for your efforts to create and grow your business. You will have at your disposal a team of experts that will not only help you make sense of any problems you might encounter but also guide you to avoid issues in the first place. After all, your franchisor’s success depend depends on your success. Your most important stakeholder will be your most valuable resource.


With Soil to Sun you get the best of the best. Starting an energy auditing business as a Soil to Sun franchise will allow you to ride the wave of one of the fastest growing industries in the market today. To learn more about how you can take full advantage of all the resources we have to offer, visit today.


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Energy Efficienct Jobs

Energy Efficiency Jobs are one of the fastest growing careers in the Unites States. Studies show that in the next 10 years, the growth of energy auditors will increase by a whopping 125%. Not only is it the perfect time to become an energy auditor, but it is also a very rewarding career. You are able to assist people with lowering their monthly energy bills, improving their indoor air quality, reducing their carbon footprint, making their home more comfortable, and much much more. People will not be able to thank you enough for what you can do for them and their home. Soil to Sun can help you take the steps to building your energy auditor business. Take your first step today by requesting more information:

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Beware of Free Home Energy Audits

An energy audit is the starting point in understanding how to improve the energy efficiency of your building or home. Energy auditing has become a mainstream service and, as such, has become a target by various (and often unqualified or malicious) businesses promising a “free” energy audit service packages.


Businesses and home owners alike should be aware that these “free” services are not all they’re cracked up to be.


At best, companies that offer a free energy audit perform a simple survey of your home or business location and make recommendations that could easily be found by doing a few hours of Internet research.  Given that these companies require long lead times before your audit can begin, you would be better served by reviewing sites like ENERGY STAR® who offer do-it-yourself tools such as the Home Energy Yardstick. The recommendations that you can obtain from such research have been known to lower energy costs by as much as 10%.


At worst, the practice of offering free energy audits has been associated with scams and pressure situations related to product sales or service upgrades.


If considering a free energy audit, please beware of:

  • Unsolicited visitors to your home or business location. These have been linked to scams.
  • Statements such as “the decision maker needs to be present.” These are typically linked to pressure situations intent on obtaining product sales or service upgrades.
  • Individuals claiming to be energy auditors but lacking in certifications like BPI & RESNET. These are typically concerned only with what will benefit their employer’s best interest and not your own.


A real energy audit – like those provided by companies such as Soil to Sun – is performed by certified energy auditors, using diagnostic tools and analysis to discover how a building uses energy. Certified energy auditors are trained to evaluate areas in the building envelope and internal energy systems that may result in energy loss. Every building or home is unique, therefore so is the need for unbiased analysis.
At the conclusion of the energy audit, you will receive a report of cost-effective improvements identified in order to address the root causes of impacting the energy performance or your home or business location. There are no pressure sales situations; only recommended solutions and recommended vendors located in your area whom you can work with if you choose to.


All the decisions are your own, to be made at your leisure with knowledge of our certified analysis, your budget and your energy efficiency desires.

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Home Improvement in a Down Economy? Start with an Energy Audit

In a down economy, it is common to see an increase in home improvement activities as home owners decide to stay put in their current home rather than purchase a new one. But what home improvement projects should you consider? Should you focus on improving comfort? Improving the value of your home? Reducing the cost of living in your home? How about a solution that addresses all your questions…


The solution is simple – start with an energy audit.


An energy audit is performed by certified building performance analysts and uses diagnostic tools and analysis to uncover how your home uses energy, discovers issues that may result in energy loss, and provides an unbiased analysis of home improvement projects that you should consider. Each project comes with its estimated remediation costs and the expected return on investment.


By working with a certified energy auditing business like Soil to Sun, you will better understand where to commit your home improvement budget as you ride out the economic recovery with added comfort, savings, and peace of mind.

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In Business for Yourself, but not by Yourself

Entrepreneurs considering a franchise for their future business tend to see the dual benefit that a franchise offers – the opportunity be in business for yourself… but not by yourself


Taking advantage of this dual benefit can help you streamline the process to open a business of your own. This saves you time and money and provides you with the freedoms of an independently owned and operated franchise.


Realizing the benefits of a franchise system means leveraging your relationship with the franchisor. Here are just some of the things that a franchisor can do for you:


1)      Share strategies and secrets from their years of experience.

2)      Provide you with the training and certifications you may need.

3)      Negotiate purchasing discounts on equipment and material.

4)      Develop professional advertising material and strategies.

5)      Facilitate the research and development.

6)      Introduce you to like-minded business owners (i.e. the franchise network).

7)      Turnkey operational procedures to open and continuously manage your business.


As you continue on your journey towards owning your own business, consider the benefits that a franchise offers. If you decide that a franchise is right for you, start finding the perfect match through franchise listing portals like The perfect franchise may only be a click away!

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The Franchise Advantage: Smart People Learn From Other People’s Mistakes

It is not difficult these days to find any business writer’s list of reasons why so many small businesses fail. The one thing almost all these lists have in common is that the reasons businesses fail are always due to mistakes made by the business owner, because of inexperience, frustration, lack of direction, and many other reasons.


You may have heard the adage before: “Some people learn from their mistakes, but smart people learn from other people’s mistakes.” This quotation really sums up the value and benefit of starting your new business in a franchise system; the opportunity to adopt a system that has been developed through years of experience … and mistakes.


Franchisors provide their franchisees with benefits they would not be able to get starting a business on their own. The most obvious is a proven business model with an established product or service along with built-in name recognition. You will also receive the necessary start-up assistance and training to avoid the common mistakes that other new businesses would encounter.


And it doesn’t stop there. Franchisees also have the advantage of a team of mentors that can provide advice, help solve problems, and keep you motivated as you grow your business. This is true for all franchisees, from those operating a home-based business to those with dozens of employees working out of a warehouse.


This is the Soil to Sun advantage. Entrepreneurs looking to open an energy auditing franchise will benefit from the Soil to Sun franchise system, no matter how much business experience they have before joining the Soil to Sun team. Contact us today to learn more.

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Now is the Time to Set up an Energy Auditing Franchise

In view of growing demand for green consulting and other jobs that help businesses go green, the Bureau of Labor Statistics began collecting data on “green jobs” in 2010. The BLS’s 2008-2018 forecast singled out management and environmental consulting as the fastest growing industry in the U.S. with 83 percent job growth in the coming decade. ~ from Hot Job Report: Growing a green career in sustainability consulting


With the demand for energy efficiency jobs are on the rise, now is a great time to set up an energy audit franchise.


The professional services offered by an energy auditor are those of a certified energy efficiency consultant.  Homeowners and businesses alike can benefit from the analysis performed and the strategies offered to reduce energy consumption, which can lead to considerable savings for the homeowner or business.


No homeowner wants to pay increasing premiums on energy costs, but if the homeowner does not know the actual causes of their home’s inefficiency, they cannot address the problem through prioritized investments. Therefore money will continue flying out the window. No matter what the season, the homeowner can benefit from the knowledge and experience that an energy auditor can provide.


While commercial businesses have the same basic desire as homeowners – to save on their energy costs – they may also have additional concerns and motivations. These might include a goal of projecting a “green” image to their customers, or securing capital funding for building improvements. In these cases, businesses can benefit from the independent assessments that an energy auditor can provide.


An energy auditing franchise offers a booming market that taps into that groundswell of support for making eco-friendly improvements to homes and buildings. There has never been a better time to get started. Come join in the cause. Start your energy auditing franchise today.

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Are You a Good Fit For a Franchise?

Are you wondering whether you would be a good fit for a franchise? Our friends in the United Kingdom believe that a brief quiz will provide you with some clarity.


For example, can you answer “Yes” or “Definitely Yes” to the following:

I have excellent physical stamina.


Those close to me recognize that I’m very much a “people” type of person.


Colleagues at work let me know that I’m a very orderly type of individual.


I find it very satisfying doing two or three things at the same time.

If you can, then you may well be a strong candidate for owning your own franchise.


If you wish to learn more about your fit, try out this Franchise Self Test.


Should you be convinced that a franchise is the way to go, we encourage you to consider an energy auditing franchise. Energy auditing businesses are becoming more and more popular as America begins to take notice of  soaring energy costs and more and more homeowners desire to save money and make improvements to their greatest investment – their home .

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An Energy Auditing Franchise Can Overcome Considerable Challenges

Energy auditing is often cited as one of the best small businesses to start. Though I couldn’t agree more, I think it important to identify some of the challenges that are commonly cited and discuss how an energy auditing franchise offers advantages over a traditional start up.


One challenge facing you – the entrepreneur – is acquiring the background and training needed to become certified energy auditor. Odds are that, through some research, you will make your way to a resource like the Building Performance Institute (BPI). From there, time, effort and money will be spent trying to identify a quality training organization to help you meet the BPI requirements.


Choosing to go with an energy auditing franchise will save you all the time and effort, and possibly even money, while providing the background and training you will need to get certified and get open for business. To maximize your value, look for an energy auditing franchise that offers sufficient onboarding training that includes activities both in and outside of the classroom. And the more hands-on training offered by the energy auditing franchise, the more prepared you will be to meet the certification requirements.


Another challenge you might encounter is deciding what equipment to purchase. This is a significant investment, commonly estimated at about $10,000 per auditor you will deploy in the field. That being said, you need to ask yourself – “Why should I spend time researching my equipment needs when an energy auditing franchise already has this information?” Also remember that an energy auditing franchise offers economies of scale benefits, meaning they can negotiate discounts for equipment that the traditional startup businessman or woman cannot.


Finally, and arguably most important, the biggest challenge that an energy auditing franchise can help you overcome is generating business through marketing activities. Leveraging available marketing resources will save you a significant amount of money and hours spent developing, designing, editing, and preparing these materials.


Background . Training. Equipment. Marketing….This is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of an energy auditing franchise. If you haven’t considered this as option for starting your own business, I would recommend you give it a long hard look.


The opinions expressed here were provided by your friends at

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Moisture Problems in the Home

… a message from your friends at Soil to Sun
When dealing with moisture problems in a home it is important to understand the two fundamental types of moisture problems, insufficient or excess moisture. Both types of moisture problems can lead to health problems for you and your family. Dry nasal passages, sore throat, increase respiratory issues and excessive static electricity in clothing and carpets are all signs of insufficient moisture in the home. Simple remedies such as the use of humidifiers or vaporizers to add moisture to the air are used to combat insufficient supply.

Excessive moisture in the air is a far more complex problem, but one that can be diagnosed and solved. Some indications of excessive moisture in the home are:

  • Mold or mildew growth on walls and ceilings.
  • Condensation, frost or ice on the inside surface of windows.
  • Salt stains on interior foundation surfaces
  • Rotting wood
  • Wet spots on ceilings or inner surfaces of exterior walls.
  • Sweating water pipes
  • Peeling or blistering of interior or exterior paint.
  • Ice or frost on the underside of roof sheathing in the attic space.
  • Moisture on basement walls and floors.

Excessive humidity can cause a number of undesirable conditions–some obvious, but others not always evident or visible. It is important to determine the root cause of the moisture problem to ensure the problem does not continue to reappear. Although the root cause can be allusive, energy auditors are trained to diagnose and recognize the causes and recommend solutions. At Soil to Sun our energy auditors are equipped with sophisticated equipment, industry experience and internal company knowledgebase to ensure your problems are solved correctly every time.

For more on how an energy audit can benefit your home, visit your friends at

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