Drafty Rooms

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Drafty rooms are often caused by undesigned holes in the building envelope. When pressure differences occur air will enter or exit through the path of least resistance. The sum total of all the undesigned holes in a building can often equate to a small window open at all times. A home energy audit will detect all of the air leaks in your home, including the ones you won’t see with the naked eye. At Soil to Sun we use only the most sophisticated equipment to assist us in the process of pinpointing all the problem areas and eliminating the guess work. We often hear the line, “Oh, you don’t need to tell me where my house is leaking, I know.” We always respond with “Would you elect to have surgery without the benefit of an MRI or an X-Ray?” The answer is simple and should also be the same way you look at your home or business. Get the Facts First, and Soil to Sun Building Performance Audit is the place to start. Read more about Soil To Sun’s Tips on our Blog  http://www.soiltosun.com/blog/.

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