Free Doesn’t Always Mean Free (part 1 of 2)

… a message from your friends at Soil to Sun
Remember that old saying “there is no such thing as a free lunch”? Well, it’s becoming clearer every day that there is also no such thing as a “free energy audit.” Your friends at want to make you aware of some known costs associated with these so called “free” in-home services.

Insufficiency Costs
Most free audits limit their services to performing a general walk through survey of your home. Other free audits limit their services to a targeted utility or energy system within the home.  Whether general or targeted in scope, these free services miss out on detecting the energy performance issues that can be detected with diagnostic tools (blower door, duct blaster, infrared camera, etc) commonly used in a comprehensive energy audit. 
Opportunity Costs
Recommendations common to free energy audits typically limit themselves to low cost investments such as the replacement of light bulbs, faucets and shower heads, or the application of low cost weather stripping. Though these solutions are known to provide up to 10% reductions in energy costs, the lack of a comprehensive energy audit squanders the opportunity to uncover issues that can have a considerable impact on energy savings while at the same time providing a considerable return on investment.

to be continued…

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