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Post Verification Energy Audit = Peace of Mind = Safety = Validation

Most people think of energy audits as a great way to show them how they can improve the efficiency of their home, but people tend to forget that the post verification energy audit is even more important! It is also a great way to show the homeowner that the work that was requested was done correctly. How you ask, does the energy auditor know if the work was performed correctly?  We conduct a series of tests for the homeowner in the beginning of the audit process and provide the homeowner with a recommended “scope of work”. A contractor and/or homeowner completes the “scope of work” informing the auditor when complete. Now the auditor returns to perform a post verification and safety check. The auditor again completes a series of tests and reviews the findings with the original results to verify that the work has resolved the initial issue(s). Not only does the post verification provide the homeowner peace of mind but it also provides the energy auditor an opportunity to act as a liaison for resolving any continued issues regarding quality of work provided by the contractor. Soil to Sun is a strong advocate of the post verification audit and the benefits that it provides. We believe in it so much that we often provide complimentary post verifications with some of our packaged services.
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