An Energy Auditing Franchise Can Overcome Considerable Challenges

Energy auditing is often cited as one of the best small businesses to start. Though I couldn’t agree more, I think it important to identify some of the challenges that are commonly cited and discuss how an energy auditing franchise offers advantages over a traditional start up.


One challenge facing you – the entrepreneur – is acquiring the background and training needed to become certified energy auditor. Odds are that, through some research, you will make your way to a resource like the Building Performance Institute (BPI). From there, time, effort and money will be spent trying to identify a quality training organization to help you meet the BPI requirements.


Choosing to go with an energy auditing franchise will save you all the time and effort, and possibly even money, while providing the background and training you will need to get certified and get open for business. To maximize your value, look for an energy auditing franchise that offers sufficient onboarding training that includes activities both in and outside of the classroom. And the more hands-on training offered by the energy auditing franchise, the more prepared you will be to meet the certification requirements.


Another challenge you might encounter is deciding what equipment to purchase. This is a significant investment, commonly estimated at about $10,000 per auditor you will deploy in the field. That being said, you need to ask yourself – “Why should I spend time researching my equipment needs when an energy auditing franchise already has this information?” Also remember that an energy auditing franchise offers economies of scale benefits, meaning they can negotiate discounts for equipment that the traditional startup businessman or woman cannot.


Finally, and arguably most important, the biggest challenge that an energy auditing franchise can help you overcome is generating business through marketing activities. Leveraging available marketing resources will save you a significant amount of money and hours spent developing, designing, editing, and preparing these materials.


Background . Training. Equipment. Marketing….This is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of an energy auditing franchise. If you haven’t considered this as option for starting your own business, I would recommend you give it a long hard look.


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