Are You a Good Fit For a Franchise?

Are you wondering whether you would be a good fit for a franchise? Our friends in the United Kingdom believe that a brief quiz will provide you with some clarity.


For example, can you answer “Yes” or “Definitely Yes” to the following:

I have excellent physical stamina.


Those close to me recognize that I’m very much a “people” type of person.


Colleagues at work let me know that I’m a very orderly type of individual.


I find it very satisfying doing two or three things at the same time.

If you can, then you may well be a strong candidate for owning your own franchise.


If you wish to learn more about your fit, try out this Franchise Self Test.


Should you be convinced that a franchise is the way to go, we encourage you to consider an energy auditing franchise. Energy auditing businesses are becoming more and more popular as America begins to take notice of  soaring energy costs and more and more homeowners desire to save money and make improvements to their greatest investment – their home .

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