The Franchise Advantage: Smart People Learn From Other People’s Mistakes

It is not difficult these days to find any business writer’s list of reasons why so many small businesses fail. The one thing almost all these lists have in common is that the reasons businesses fail are always due to mistakes made by the business owner, because of inexperience, frustration, lack of direction, and many other reasons.


You may have heard the adage before: “Some people learn from their mistakes, but smart people learn from other people’s mistakes.” This quotation really sums up the value and benefit of starting your new business in a franchise system; the opportunity to adopt a system that has been developed through years of experience … and mistakes.


Franchisors provide their franchisees with benefits they would not be able to get starting a business on their own. The most obvious is a proven business model with an established product or service along with built-in name recognition. You will also receive the necessary start-up assistance and training to avoid the common mistakes that other new businesses would encounter.


And it doesn’t stop there. Franchisees also have the advantage of a team of mentors that can provide advice, help solve problems, and keep you motivated as you grow your business. This is true for all franchisees, from those operating a home-based business to those with dozens of employees working out of a warehouse.


This is the Soil to Sun advantage. Entrepreneurs looking to open an energy auditing franchise will benefit from the Soil to Sun franchise system, no matter how much business experience they have before joining the Soil to Sun team. Contact us today to learn more.

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