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Post Verification Energy Audit = Peace of Mind = Safety = Validation

Most people think of energy audits as a great way to show them how they can improve the efficiency of their home, but people tend to forget that the post verification energy audit is even more important! It is also a great way to show the homeowner that the work that was requested was done correctly. How you ask, does the energy auditor know if the work was performed correctly?  We conduct a series of tests for the homeowner in the beginning of the audit process and provide the homeowner with a recommended “scope of work”. A contractor and/or homeowner completes the “scope of work” informing the auditor when complete. Now the auditor returns to perform a post verification and safety check. The auditor again completes a series of tests and reviews the findings with the original results to verify that the work has resolved the initial issue(s). Not only does the post verification provide the homeowner peace of mind but it also provides the energy auditor an opportunity to act as a liaison for resolving any continued issues regarding quality of work provided by the contractor. Soil to Sun is a strong advocate of the post verification audit and the benefits that it provides. We believe in it so much that we often provide complimentary post verifications with some of our packaged services.
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Free Doesn’t Always Mean Free (part 2 of 2)


Time Costs
Most free energy audits require long lead times before an appointment can be scheduled. Some companies require up to three months before a representative can be made available. The time lost waiting could be time spent performing a comprehensive audit and, if desired, implementing recommendations to maximize your energy efficiency savings.
Safety Costs
We cannot emphasize enough the importance of safety when considering an energy audit. An auditor must enter your home and will require to access to all areas of your home including the locations of your home energy systems. Therefore, you need to make sure that the auditor coming into your home has the certifications necessary to perform the work that must be performed AND to do so with an understanding of the safety issues that exist.
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Free Doesn’t Always Mean Free (part 1 of 2)

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Remember that old saying “there is no such thing as a free lunch”? Well, it’s becoming clearer every day that there is also no such thing as a “free energy audit.” Your friends at want to make you aware of some known costs associated with these so called “free” in-home services.

Insufficiency Costs
Most free audits limit their services to performing a general walk through survey of your home. Other free audits limit their services to a targeted utility or energy system within the home.  Whether general or targeted in scope, these free services miss out on detecting the energy performance issues that can be detected with diagnostic tools (blower door, duct blaster, infrared camera, etc) commonly used in a comprehensive energy audit. 
Opportunity Costs
Recommendations common to free energy audits typically limit themselves to low cost investments such as the replacement of light bulbs, faucets and shower heads, or the application of low cost weather stripping. Though these solutions are known to provide up to 10% reductions in energy costs, the lack of a comprehensive energy audit squanders the opportunity to uncover issues that can have a considerable impact on energy savings while at the same time providing a considerable return on investment.

to be continued…

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Cold Floors

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Do your floors feel cold, especially in the winter? Cold floors can result from air leakage in your building envelope which can account for cold air infiltrating your home, thus resulting in your floors feeling cold. Do you have enough insulation? Is your homes thermal boundary correctly defined? There could be many reasons for the floors in your home being cold. Or maybe it could be that your HVAC system is not working properly, which can result from a number of things. How are you going to find out exactly what is causing this problem?…..Have an energy audit done on your home. A home energy audit will inspect your home for all of the above issues and much more to show you where you can save energy and improve your comfort.

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Drafty Rooms

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Drafty rooms are often caused by undesigned holes in the building envelope. When pressure differences occur air will enter or exit through the path of least resistance. The sum total of all the undesigned holes in a building can often equate to a small window open at all times. A home energy audit will detect all of the air leaks in your home, including the ones you won’t see with the naked eye. At Soil to Sun we use only the most sophisticated equipment to assist us in the process of pinpointing all the problem areas and eliminating the guess work. We often hear the line, “Oh, you don’t need to tell me where my house is leaking, I know.” We always respond with “Would you elect to have surgery without the benefit of an MRI or an X-Ray?” The answer is simple and should also be the same way you look at your home or business. Get the Facts First, and Soil to Sun Building Performance Audit is the place to start. Read more about Soil To Sun’s Tips on our Blog

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