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Energy Auditing Franchises

We Build Premier Energy Auditing Franchises because our onsite training and jumpstart package is second to none.

premier provider of
energy auditing franchises

Soil to Sun is on a mission to be the premier provider of energy auditing franchises in the United States. We aspire to become a nationally recognized brand known for our contributions regarding the awareness for climate change and the fiscal responsibilities and benefits related to energy efficiency. Soil to Sun distributes our best in class energy auditing franchise system along with our top quality partnerships that will outfit our franchisees with all the keys to building a long-standing successful business. Our energy auditing franchise system aims to deliver market advantage to our franchisees by offering flexibility and direction that enable growth beyond the boundaries of the competition. We encourage all aspiring entrepreneurs to contact us, review the details of our franchise system, and join us on our mission to make a difference!

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Energy Audits by Soil to Sun® Kansas City Missouri


"We chose Soil to Sun for the passion they expressed about the green movement and the energy auditing field, and that they strive for excellence and integrity in service to their customers... The training is extensive so a franchisee enters the market place with knowledge and a true skill set, not just a cursory overview of the field and a box of tools." Soil To Sun, Kansas City, MO

Energy Auditing Franchises - Top Quality Energy Auditors

Top Quality Energy Auditors

Soil to Sun is dedicated to saving homeowners money but more importantly increasing comfort, health, and safety levels inside your home. Our professional energy auditing franchisees will identify areas of your home that will be the most cost effective to fix or upgrade. All of our analysts are accredited and certified with Building Performance Institute (BPI®)...