The Soil to Sun Story

Friends from the Start

They say the best marriages start with a friendship based on trust and mutual respect. The same can be said for the most durable, successful business partnerships. Such was the start for the business partnership of Chris Carroll and Clint Drury, which began with that old standby relationship incubator, being college roommates. After graduating from college, the close friends and roommates each set off in their own direction to begin what would be successful careers in the Corporate America.

Looking for More

Fast forward almost ten years and fate was about to guide these two friends to a new beginning. Both Chris and Clint moved their families back to Central Illinois. Hearing that each was now in the same area, they got back in touch and rekindled their close relationship from college. Like a caterpillar lying in wait to reemerge into a butterfly, visionary entrepreneurs will eventually break free from the cocoon of Corporate America; Chris and Clint knew they wanted to open a business together. The only question was which of their business ideas would prove to be the right choice. Each had coincidentally adopted a lifestyle that was both eco-friendly and focused on sustainability, so it was no surprise to anyone when they migrated toward building a business in the green industry. After exhaustive research into the growth markets emerging within the green industry, they decided to capitalize on one of the hottest business segments of today, Energy Auditing. Chris and Clint dove headlong into learning every aspect of the Energy Auditing business. The planning and patience paid off because even with great preparation it was hard to keep up with all the new clients when they launched their first Soil to Sun business.

Taking it to the Next Level

With the success of their energy auditing business, these seasoned businessmen immediately began creating systems and processes streamlining their successful business model while looking for new ways to expand. The answer was clear – expand through franchising to give much needed help to the environment while assisting other entrepreneurs on a fast-track to their own success.

Today, Soil to Sun continues to deliver sustainable solutions for new/existing residential and commercial buildings. We also provide instruction on enhancing your personal life by helping you attain a more eco-friendly, healthy and productive lifestyle. Our team facilitates and manages green analysis, execution, and certification for our clientele. Soil to Sun employs a highly skilled staff of LEED accredited professionals; building analysts, envelop specialists, and lifestyle consultants. We pride ourselves on our one true measure of success, our customer satisfaction, and we hope to be able to help you improve your lifestyle and environment in the near future.

Our Company

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