“NEVER before has America had so many compelling reasons to preserve the homes in its older residential neighborhoods. We need to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. We want to create jobs, and revitalize the neighborhoods where millions of Americans live. All of this could be accomplished by making older homes more energy-efficient.”

Richard Moe, New York Times Op-Ed
“This Old Wasteful House” April 6, 2009

Estimated Annual Savings: $305

Soil to Sun is a great service that evaluates the total energy efficiency of a house from all angles. I had Soil To Sun come to my house and they ran extensive tests with some very high-tech equipment showing me where my best opportunities are for improving the energy efficiency of my house. I was impressed on how professional and thorough they were including their ability to explain everything they were doing. I personally recommend them!

Mike M., IL Customer

Retrofit Labor Savings: $280

I highly recommend their service. What really stood out from their visit was how well defined my approach should be in making my home more energy efficient. Without their information, I could be putting a lot of money in places in my house that wouldn't make that much difference but with their report I knew exactly where to get the best payback for my $$. The report really helped me understand what and how to do some of the work myself. Thanks Soil To Sun!

Robert B., IL Customer

Major Safety Issue Discovered: Priceless

I had no idea that my family and I were living in such danger. Soil To Sun discovered that our water heater was back drafting Carbon Monoxide back into our home. They detected this safety risk during their initial testing of our home. The next day we had our old water heater replaced with a power vented version. Soil To Sun returned to our home and verified that there was no longer a safety issue. I am very thankful for Soil To Sun’s focus on safety and also very impressed with the full extent of their service.

Marie H., IL Customer

Buying or Selling your Home: Benefits for Each

I highly recommend their service for any of your existing clients wishing to differentiate their houses in the marketplace and for homebuyers as a service when they are looking for a new house. The energy audit offers piece-of-mind and a great deal of understanding of the current energy efficiency. I'm sure Soil To Sun would be glad to introduce themselves to you and talk about their service in far more detail then I can. As a real estate agent, I'm confident you will see great value in what they have to offer. I continually recommend them to my clients.

Pekin, IL Real Estate Agent

Customer Commendation: Deeply indebted to Soil to Sun

This letter is to commend the Soil to Sun team and the work that they do. The Soil to Sun guys came to our home to perform testing prior to and following installation of insulation. At the initial testing, they found that our water heater was venting properly. Following the installation of insulation, they found that our water heater was not venting properly at all. Upon looking at the vent pipe the team found it to be plugged with batt insulation. The guys then went into our attic and found that the vent pipe was disconnected and that someone had taken a piece of the existing batt insulation and put it in the water heater vent pipe. It had been left like that for approximately 5 weeks. It was a miracle that we did not become seriously ill during that time. We are deeply indebted to Soil to Sun. If it were not for their attention to detail and professionalism, the outcome would have been much different.

Phil and Linda Z., IL Customer

Rebates, Rebates, Rebates: Entire Home Weatherized for $58!

Soil to Sun performed an energy audit on my home that let me know I needed more insulation in my attic and basement. They even put me in touch with an insulation company and got me access to rebates through the local utility. After the rebates, I was able to get my entire home weatherized for $58! Thanks very much to the Soil to Sun team for all their help.

John S., IL Customer

Big Benefits: Comfort and Lower Bills

I was really impressed with the job that Soil to Sun did at my home. They were able to show me exactly where I was getting leaks in my basement and around my doors and windows. They also helped me choose an attic-fan cover and showed me how to properly tape up the duct work coming off of my furnace. Since the improvements were made my home has been much more comfortable, and my utility bills have never been lower!

Charles P., IL Customer

Fixed Income? Not a lot of Options?: Solution = Soil To Sun

My utility bills were out of control and being on a fixed income, I didn’t have a lot of options when it came to affording a lot of repairs. The Soil to Sun crew helped me to pay for the work using a rebate with the local gas company. I saved enough money with the rebates that I was able to afford a new high-efficiency furnace! Thanks to Soil to Sun for all their help. Very professional.

Gary G., IL Customer

Is Your House Making you Sick?: Safety First with Soil To Sun

Maurine Mathews, Peoria Heights IL – My old furnace was corroded and was leaking carbon monoxide into my house, making me feel sick all the time and getting terrible headaches. When Soil to Sun came to perform the blower door test they made sure to check for any problems with my furnace and water heater and tested them to see if they would draft properly. When they came back to do the post-work inspection, they tested them again. They also suggested I get an additional CO monitor, just in case. I was very impressed with their knowledge about carbon monoxide and I feel much safer in my home now. Thanks Soil to Sun!

Maurine M., IL Customer

Simplify the Process: Soil To Sun makes it Easy!

Simplify the Process: Soil To Sun makes it Easy! The gentlemen from Soil to Sun were very nice and very helpful in pointing out some energy saving measures I could do to help lower my utility bills and improve my indoor air quality. They took care of all the paperwork I needed to fill out for the electric company and helped make the whole process very easy for me. Thanks for your help.

Kim K., IL Customer

Another Problem Solved: Using the Infrared Camera

I was so impressed with the job the Soil to Sun crew did at my home. They showed me where I was losing heat through my basement box sills and the recessed lights in my ceiling using an infrared camera, and worked with the insulation contractor to get all the leaks plugged. Before they came my home was very drafty and cold in the winter, but now it’s nice and warm!

Stacey Y., IL Customer

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